Daily Announcements

Good morning PH.  Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Today is Thursday, June 16th it is “E” Day   

If you have any final books to return to the library, please take them to the library NOW!

A few announcements for students:

Students are not to put stickers or decals on district-issued laptops and laptop covers.

This is a reminder that students are not permitted to wear slides, slippers, or flip flops to school.  Shoes must have a back to them for safety reasons.

Also, all students are encouraged to bring bottled water to school.  There are bottle filling stations located around the building.  No caffeinated beverages or canned drinks are permitted.

Students who stay after school to watch games or after school activities must remain in the gym/classroom where the activity is taking place.  Also must be picked up at the end of the games/activity no more than 20 minutes after the game/activity ends.  You may not walk around the building while the games/activity are taking placed.  If the wandering continues you will not be able to stay to watch any games or stay for activities.

Students getting dropped off in the morning, please make sure to have your belongings ready to go as you approach the car line to exit your vehicle. 

Students please make sure that you use the cross walk where Mr. Davis and Mr. Keehn are located in the parking lot.

Students please remember to turn off your cell phone and put it away during the school day.  There is no reason for students to have a cell phone out during the course of the school day.

Students please make sure to charge your laptop the night before you come to school.  It is a good idea to get into a routine with this. 

Students are to remain in your seats until the bell rings.  Teachers please do not dismiss students early from class

Teachers please remember to take attendance by 8:15 and be present in the hallways during transitions.  

Thank you -- remember to be kind, make good choices and make today a great day.

Afternoon Announcements

June 10, 2022


Yearbooks will be distributed to 6th and 7th grade on Monday.  If you did not purchase one and there may be some still available, you will be able to purchase on Monday.