Daily Announcements

Good morning Paxon Hollow!

Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Today is Tuesday, June 11, 2024, it is “E” Day

Just a few reminders for today. 

1)   If you have a cell phone that you have brought to school, please put it away.  You are not to have it out during the school day.  Your teachers have been instructed to confiscate phones because they cause a great deal of distraction.  If you need to make a call you can have your teacher sign your agenda and you can come to the main office and use our phone free of charge.

2)   Your agenda.  You must have your agenda at ALL times.  I am going to ask first period teachers to make sure that all students write their name on the cover of the agenda.  You are not to rip pages out of the agenda or harm it in anyway.  It is one of your most prized possessions at PHMS because it is where you write your assignments and it is your hall pass. You must have a signed agenda in order to travel the hallways. 

Please remember that the laptop that you borrowed does not go home with you after school.


Origami club last meeting will be today from 3-4 in Room 411.

We will finish painting the poles today after school until 5 PM or whenever we finish. 

 Last, but not least, remember to be kind, do your best, and most of all make today a great day!!

Afternoon Announcements

Monday June 10,  2024

Reminder all students to remain in their classroom and sit quietly until you hear your bus called.  No student should leave the classroom before they are called to leave.  This includes Sports, Sporting events, Car rider/walkers and the busses.   

If you borrowed a computer today from the library, please return it at this time.


The Origami club last meeting will be Tuesday, 6/11 from 3-4 in Room 411.

Painting the poles today, and tomorrow after school until 5 PM or whenever we finish.