Cool to Be Kind

Cool to Be Kind (CTBK) is a program run at Paxon Hollow that provides an opportunity to catch random acts of kindness.  A kind act can be a small (or large) deed done without prompting and with a willingness to show goodness to others.  Students, teachers, staff and community members can nominate or be nominated. 

  What is the process for referring someone for Cool to Be Kind?

  Who can refer someone for Cool to Be Kind?


  What are a few examples of acts of kindness?

  • Helped with lockers                                         
  • Picked up a dropped book                          
  • Helped a new student around the building
  • Including others
  • Turning in lost money
  • Even a simple "good morning"

Students names that are submitted are entered into a monthly raffle to win a gift card and receive a certificate!